The Mysterious Goal

Recently a friend, who is in the movie industry, said to me: “you gotta have a reason, a purpose a mission for your expeditions.” This vanity is so much ingrained into our society’s psych and culture.

This photo is one of my all-time favorites. It’s so symbolic of life isn’t it? We journey in this life, not knowing what awaits us into the mist. Life is a mystery.

No one knows what tomorrow, next year, or even the next moment will bring us.

It’s a mystery.

No one, including those who don’t believe, can explain where the substance of matter comes from, or how biological matter formed the train of thought, like, intelligence and human emotions.

We need not a purpose, just a goal. And our goal, we ought not to ever give up. Just keep moving forward toward the goal and into mist and mystery. And have faith, hope and believe.

Photo taken by Christine Meerman-Cooper

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