A Gift That Never Grows Old

For the nearly 40 years our team has criss-crossed Alaska’s Arctic numerous times. It never gets tiring and the malamutes never ever give up their smiles and wagging tails.

They love doing what they’re born to do.

Just in the last decade and half, these guys and gals have spent over 1,500 nights camped under the arctic sky, battling brutal blizzards and breaking trail in regions of the arctic so rugged and laden with deep snow that it was considered impossible for any dog team to travel there.

They have smashed the longest unsupported, solo, arctic expedition on record a dozen times, and have inspired folks from around the world with their cheerful warrior demeanor.

Since the winter season is over and we are laying down plans for yet another expedition for 2022, I thought it would be appropriate to commemorate Alaskan malamutes and all northern breed dogs.

They are special animals and I am thankful to the One above for these amazing creatures.

I believe we have much to learn from them. If we only mimicked and admired their cheerful warrior demeanor when facing challenges we could, and would, accomplish the impossible.

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