The Hidden Mystery

It was March 1st 2014 when record breaking cold temperatures eased its grip from Arctic Alaska.

For two months prior, my team of 23 malamutes and I endured a relentless onslaught of blizzards and wind-chills that exceeded minus -95F.

Additionally, the snow was the deepest I’ve ever experienced.

There were many days that we traveled an excruciating 1 1/2 mph through 4-5ft deep snow.

I was ready for a break!

Then, one morning, after the winter’s dawn shed its orange glow across the white barren landscape and the malamutes sang their morning howl, I heard a strange sound-like a distant waterfall of rushing water. Yet, the temperature was minus -38F.

Later that day, I hitched up the team, lashed on my snowshoes and headed towards the mysterious sounds of rushing water.

When the setting sun shaved the mountainous landscape I found the source of the mysterious sounds.

As I stood in awe of the crystalline river that rushed by, I wondered how such a large warm-springs could have went unnoticed.

I had traveled by this region many times over a time span of several years yet, I had never heard it’s rushing water call.

Naturally, I was compelled to follow the river to its source. I am amazed and awestruck how this large fast flowing river is born of a dozen warm springs that flow from beneath giant boulders on the side of a steep mountain.

It’s interesting: you will never see this warm-springs on maps of any kind. The river is unnamed as well.

Until now that is.

This mysterious and hidden warm river that flows from the frozen earth, i have named Malamute Warm Springs.

And it will stay mysterious and hidden until the next lone Arctic traveler hears its rushing call begging to be explored.

Curiosity, wonder and mysteries are the driving forces of some whose lifestyles are founded in exploring the far wildernesses on earth.

We are literally surrounded with mysteries. In fact life would be boring without mysteries!

It’s believed there are more stars in the universe than all the grains of sea sand on earth. One must wonder about how many other galaxies, planets, suns and moons there are. These are questions that we will never know the answers to. This is mysterious.

Aristotle, Plato and Einstein understood life itself is a mystery. They, in fact, were religious. I find it interesting how these three great minds believed there was one God who created it all.

The written word of God is full of mystery. We don’t have to dogsled to the far polar regions or explore the unexplored to find it. Wonders and mysteries are before us everyday and in everything.

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