The Call

When I ventured alone deep into the thick and silent forests of Michigan’s countryside, the aroma of fresh soil, pine and cedar trees mixed with campfire smoke sent an inviting fragrance that I could not resist. I felt a calling and decided that in this manner I would live my life.

I questioned back then, but now know, that this simple calling that I have been following for over 52 years is a God-given call. It is still vibrant and alive in my spirit.

Albeit, this calling has taken me to the underwater scuba-diving world in the Atlantic Ocean, to dog sledding on Arctic Sea ice, I’m still following my call.

Though, many wonder and some have asked me “why do you venture into the Arctic wilderness for up to five months at a time without seeing another person?” I want to say, it’s not to make a splash in polar exploration, breaking records or none of this nonsense. These are merely “byproducts” for lack of better words.

It’s all about following my call.

I’m still pursuing that fragrance of nature that I felt as an eight year old boy, sitting by a campfire in Michigan’s forest, and, I’m still in awe and wonder of God’s magnificent creation.

I believe its a hunger and thirst for us all.

Of course, it’s a rare desire for anyone to pursue it at the extent that I have.

However, this creation of nature that surrounds us in everyday life, this gift from God, is for everyone to see, and feel and be awestruck like an eight year old kid, alone, in the dark of night, sitting by a lonely campfire deep in a Michigan’s forest.

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