The Cheerful Warrior’s Heart

When you’re on an expedition, alone, miles and miles away from civilization, no chance ever to be rescued if you screw-up, you have to accept the fact that life is a journey, a very mysterious journey, and is absolutely and positively not a destiny.

In life, similarly to an Arctic expedition, we are going to experience everyday ups-and-downs, heartbreaks, tragedies, pain, suffering and fear.

However, these are the ingredients and flavors that when stirred together, allowed to simmer with time, lots of time, the result will bring you strength, humility and kindness of heart.

So the next time you feel beat-up, defeated, devastated and in sorrow, just look at your malamute. And if you don’t have a malamute, barrow one. You may find they posses these characteristics. That’s the reason we call them our beloved cheerful warriors.

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